About this project

What is WakePass (former SteadyPass) project?

WakePass is my attempt to bring to market a one of a kind open source, Low cost boat speed control system with enough functionality to give you flawless wakeboarding experience without heavy investment.


Because I have a 1999 Bayliner for my wakeboarding hobby, and nearly no one can keep speed constant while watching out for river traffic, so that I myself can enjoy the wake. But like many of you – I’m not ready to spend $1k+ on a gadget.

Is it available to purchase?

Yes and No.   Found some HW flaws with help or early testers, but was not able to make progress in 2017 yet due to family and work reasons.   But I am not giving up, an ordered a new proto board in August 2017.


Is it a competitor or replacement for PerfectPass and RideSteady?

Not really.  Eric and Justin have put serious effort in developing their respective systems as tournament level speed control . Including patent US5700171 by Eric P.Horton from 1997 describing throttle linkage. Both PP and RS invested heavily in productising, have custom stamped/molded parts contributing to the looks. By all means, if you have sufficient $$ – do purchase one of them.   Recommend RS.  But if you are feeling like DIYer – please watch for updates in BLOG section.

OpenSource Boat Cruise Control